Another mini project…

Model: Ngoc Le

Song: Không Bao Giờ Quên Anh – Thanh Tuyền (Jase Nguyen Remix)


Thị Nở

thị nở

Thị Nở is my final project for 3-Dimension Design course. The assignment was to make a human part (external or internal, anatomies). For this assignment, I chose to do “human head trophy”. Inspired by Gucci Fall/Winter 2018-19 collection, I started off my idea quite dark with homicide theme. Throughout my process of making this piece, it became “brighter”. The topic, then, changed into the sweet, passionate, yet, painful love of a woman. The subject is inspired by a character in a famous Vietnamese Short Story.

Fo’ Wishes Cat

This is the piece I made last semester (Fall 2017) for my 2D design class. The piece is called “Fo’ Wishes Cat” which is inspired by Dong Ho Woodcut Painting Series (Vietnamese traditional painting series from Dong Ho Village). The piece represents the traditional ideal of a lucky new year and morality of life in Vietnamese culture. Fo’ Wishes Cat does not only show the appreciation toward Vietnamese culture, but also opposes the idea of what is luck and what is bad luck through the present of the Black Cat (believed to be “bad sign” in Asian culture).

Through out my life, I have experienced a lot of difficulty in taking pride in my culture due to the country’s conflicts. Through the process of making this piece, I felt more attached to my heritage and took more pride in my culture.

The theme of Fo’ Wishes Cat is moral folktales. With 4 panels, each panel represents a Vietnamese Folktale about Eminence, Prosperity, Longevity, and Benevolence. The cat represent the faith holder (the people). Each animal represents the “faith” and morality. For example, the “Benevolence” panel (Cat holds Frog) is an iconography of the ancient folk poetry about respecting the Gods through a humble, ordinary animal.


Smoky Afternoon

A random shoot I did at Cortez Cigars in Downtown Silver Spring, MD. Just a chilling afternoon with Amphetheatre. The lighting condition was quite bad and my camera could not handle such low light so the quality was not as good as I expected it to be. However, I then turned the style into an old school style like in 90s movies due to the noise in the photos. Main color styles I used to edit and focused on this album were monochrome and golden colors.