Logos Project

Final logos-01

In this project, the topic was to create a logo for a band or music artist that I like. I came up with 3 artists: The Tribe Called Quest, Linkin Park and 2Pac. In the beginning, I thought I would have gone with The Tribe Called Quest. However, toward the end of the brainstorm process, I had more inspiration with 2Pac ideas more so I decided to design the logo for 2Pac. First I drew by hand and then re-illustrated on Illustrator 6 drafts of the logo. For the final, I had to choose out one of the best 6 I had created and put it in monochrome style. I actually liked the middle one on the first line best. Unfortunately, that design did not work well in monochrome style. Therefore, I chose the bottom right one. However, the purpose of the design was to represent 2Pac with the shape of his face (or part of his face figure) and this design was too hard to identify 2Pac face. In the end I chose the middle one of bottom line which I showed in the picture below. I actually did not really like the word font for this logo but this is the font that fit best…

Final logos-02


Nguyen Final Logos