Smoky Afternoon

A random shoot I did at Cortez Cigars in Downtown Silver Spring, MD. Just a chilling afternoon with Amphetheatre. The lighting condition was quite bad and my camera could not handle such low light so the quality was not as good as I expected it to be. However, I then turned the style into an old school style like in 90s movies due to the noise in the photos. Main color styles I used to edit and focused on this album were monochrome and golden colors.



Fabric Shot Project

Using two pictures, one with simple background, and other is landscape. The main idea of the fabric project was to combine the two picture, and show contract. We can either put the landscape background inside the main object of the simply picture (in this case is the teddy bear picture). However, I chose to put the teddy bear inside the landscape instead, which still showed the contrast between two picture.


Opposite Attract

This week, our topic is “Opposite Attract”, which is taking pictures of two opposite objects, ideas and create a connected meaning behind it. In my picture, my opposite objects are a rose which stands for peace, love and gun tattoos which stands for war and hatred. The setting of this picture was the whole photograph was in monochrome, however, the rose would have it redness pop up. This means the love should always be the one which is attractive the most, the gun (which represent war) should be leave in the past (monochrome usually symbolize past). Although the meaning of this concept is beautiful and meaningful, I was still not really with my idea. I thought about and built up this concept is rush, therefore, I felt like I could have come up with a better concept.


Connection Project

Last week when I was going through my old USB, I found some of my works for my digital art class a year ago. I was surprised how good I used to be and how lazy I am now to come up with new idea for art. The topic was to create a poster which express yourself or to show a connection between two things. OR A COMBINATION OF BOTH! And of course I chose the last one, the combination of self-expression and connection of myself to the world.
    My idea was to show how I feel about my self, about humanity. Different from other artists (and in most of the cases it is a bad thing to be different) I am an average, ordinary person. I do not view myself as some superheros or those who can change the world. Hence, I know I am the one who can show the connection of a true self of this world.
   During the process of this project, I came up with 3 different ideas. They are all about the string between humankind and ape – an animal which is closest to human natural habits. About the connection side, the meaning of my work would show that after all human is just animal. We have our wild side, animal side. Just that because we evaluated better (as we defined) does not make us better than other. The only thing make us better is how we can acknowledge right and wrong things, is how we know to make this world a better place. For the self-expression side, my work would show the meaning of how my wild self being controlled by the norm I have been taught, I have been put on. It would show that how one-self is different from what we can see visually.
    End of the project, I did 3 different posters with same concept. Here is my work:
This is the first one I made. I wanted it to be simple but enough to show my idea.
This is the revised one of the 1st one. I put a lot more effort and time on this one. I actually prefer this one more than the original one because it was not too simple, it showed a lot of technique and knowledge I had learnt from the class. Especially, the works on the shirt somehow made the idea for this concept more clear.
This is my favorite one out of all three of them…It was simple, showed the best of the concept and attractive. However, the resolution and quality of this one is the worst out of all three…the red lips was done not so great. If you look at this work from distance, it is stunning! Unfortunately, to absorb and understand any form of artworks we need to look deeper and closer. Because of that, we can indicate a lot of faults in technique.

End of the semester, I chose the 2nd for my final.

Scribble Project

     For this week, we did a “scribble project”, The mainly method is to use photoshop, create a layer on top of the picture and then use the brush tool, draw lines on it. Some people would use the brush tool, to white/fade out the whole picture, then using the same brush tool, with smaller point to factor out the picture again. In my picture, I just used the brush tool to draw/deleted directly on the picture. This creates lines on the main object, so it will make the main object blend into the background better.